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The Citi Health Card

Use your Citi Health Card to get flexible payment plans for the health care treatments your family needs. We offer a variety of payment plans* for many procedures that aren't fully covered by insurance. Even your vet may accept the Citi Health Card.

If you qualify the Citi Health Card also accesses the Citi Health MasterCard account that can be used everywhere else MasterCard credit cards are accepted. Purchases made will be charged to the Citi Health Card account. Purchases made everywhere else are billed to the Citi Health MasterCard account.

*3 Month, 6 Month & 12 Month No Interest Payment Plans

Features & Benefits

Some things in life can be put off. Fortunately, quality health care doesn't have to be one of them. The Citi Health Card offers flexible payment plans at participating providers that allow you to get the treatments you need right now. Other benefits include:

Flexible payment plans

Flexible Payment Plans on qualified purchases and revolving credit option at participating providers (see your provider for details)
Low monthly payments and no pre-payment penalties
No annual fee and no down payment required
Separate account for health care expenses keeps other credit available for personal use

Easy to use
Apply Now or at our office and get a fast credit decision
No need to reapply for additional treatments or purchases
Account can be used for all family members
Accepted at a variety of participating provider offices
View, manage and pay your account online

Easy to manage
Health care treatment purchases made at participating providers are billed to the Citi Health Card account, allowing easy separation of health care expenses and your everyday purchases
Purchases of groceries, gas, consumer electronics are billed to the Citi Health MasterCard account
View, manage and pay the Citi Health Card account online now
Online payments for Citi Health MasterCard account will be available soon